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Welcome to Precise Lock and Safe, where our staff mobile commercial locksmith experts proudly serve the customers of Lansing, Illinois, providing high-quality lock replacements every day, so we’re at the ready to help you, too.

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Precise Lock and Safe will come straight to you to assist you in effectively restricting access to your commercial property from particular individuals:

  • Whenever you fire someone, you definitely don’t want that former employee to be able to get back into your building.
  • If your business just moved into a new commercial facility, clearly, if you want to be completely secure, it’s the right idea to replace all your locks immediately. It is indeed possible that your new building’s former tenants may have in their possession some of their old keys.
  • Have you experienced some security challenges lately? Discuss all your questions and concerns with us. We’ll be glad to provide you with our expert recommendations so you can make wise decisions.

Precise Lock and Safe offers you very affordable prices, and premium quality in lock replacements. We will give you added peace of mind; you’ll know for sure that your present lock mechanisms have been professionally altered so that only new keys will work in them from now on.

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