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Things To Do If You Lose Your Transponder Key

Most of us can’t imagine life before we had a transponder key. This is the type of key that allows you to get into your car and start the engine without a physical key in the door or ignition. This makes it faster and more convenient to get in and on your way. The transponder key has a chip that is programmed to a centralized computer system. Once the keys chip is identified then it will unlock the vehicle and start the engine. If the chip isn’t recognized by the computer system then you will not have access. If you’re wondering why there has been a significant decline in auto theft this is because of the invention of the transponder key. There was no way that Precise Lock & Safe in Lansing, IL couldn’t offer transponder key services. We knew that if we were to keep up with the market and get our fair share of business, we had to offer transponder key services. Most new vehicles is designed to be used with a transponder key. While they are more expensive than a traditional key they are well worth the expense, as you are capable of avoiding a break-in. Most importantly it offers convenience. This is something that most people love, convenience. Transponder keys are appreciated due to the level of convenience it offers motorists.

It isn’t hard to lose a key, even a transponder key. This happens to motorists all the time, especially when they are in a hurry. If you have small children and you are running from one place to another dropping them off and picking them up, it would be easy for you to lose or misplace your keys. When you lose your transponder key the first thing you should do is contact a locksmith in Lansing that will come out and bring you another key. They should be able to bring you another transponder key and program it for you while they are there. If someone gets their hands on your keys or if someone steals it from you, they will have access to your vehicle. You will have to have another key programmed. If you have a spare key and you’ve had another key programmed be advised that the spare key will no longer work. When another transponder key is programmed it will cancel out every key associated with your vehicle. This means you’ll also have to have another spare transponder key programmed.

Reporting Your Lost Key to A Locksmith

You may be wondering exactly why a locksmith needs to know that you’ve lost your key when you can just go have another key made. If you contact the right locksmith, there is a chance that they also offer mobile locksmith services. This means that they will come to wherever you are to program a new key for you. This will definitely save you time and money. You won’t have to spend money having your vehicle towed to an auto mechanic or home. If you don’t call the right locksmith you may have to do this and this can further frustrate you. The wrong locksmith might take their time coming to your location and if they do show up, they may not even have the necessary equipment needed to effectively program your new transponder key. So make sure you let the locksmith know upfront that you have a transponder key and that is the type of key that you need.

It is also a good idea to contact a locksmith about the problem because they will be able to replace your transponder key for a lot less than an auto dealer. We realize that this is a lot of motorist first inclination but we advise you to refrain, as you will probably need to have your vehicle towed to them. If you don’t have to have it towed to them and they send someone to your location, you’ll probably have to pay a hefty fee. A locksmith doesn’t carry the same overhead expenses that a dealership does, which means that they are able to handle the job of getting you a new transponder key without charging you an outrageous amount. The savings are passed on to the motorists. If you have lost your keys then you are probably already frustrated and spending money that you didn’t intend on spending. Why spend more than you actually need to when you can rely on a locksmith to provide you with the services you need at an affordable price.

Don’t Wait To Report Your Key Missing

The longer you wait to report your key missing the more susceptible to auto theft you will become. Someone could have watched you get out of your vehicle and seen your keys drop. If they did then they could take off in your vehicle right away. Suppose you have left your keys somewhere and someone finds them. All they have to do is go into to the parking lot and begin pressing the button to identify the vehicle that the keys belong to. Don’t give a thief the chance to get off with your vehicle, contact a locksmith right away. The moment you realize that you do not have your keys on you then call a locksmith so that they can deactivate the key. This is the first step in preventing your vehicle from being stolen.

You might not think that something like this will ever happen to you but unfortunately this happens to motorist all the time. This is why we felt the need to write this article. You might not think that you’ll ever lose your transponder key but unfortunately, this is something that happens all the time. You can’t be too safe, which is why it is important to know exactly what you’ll do when you have lost your transponder key. Take the necessary precaution and always notify a locksmith of your lost or stolen key so that they can get you another one as quickly as possible.

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