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The Many Advantages of Access Control

We all benefit from access control. Whether you are visiting a school, hospital, mall, or a government building, you have likely gone through an access-control area. These are the establishments that are known for having these types of entry and exits. You can’t go into a government building and not go through an access control area. You enter and asked to remove your keys and cell phone. Then, you must enter through the space one at a time, before proceeding. This is what is considered an access control system. This system limits access to a certain amount of people or specific people. When you have cleared, you will be able to freely come inside. This system is a great way to protect others inside this is often why you will find it in high traffic areas where there are high profile people. Access control is a great way to receive added protection by preventing access to certain people. Your access control can be setup to only allow entry to specific people. Those people must be identified prior to their attempting to gain entry. They may be given a key card or a code to enter into a keypad, where there name is included, to gain access inside. Since homegrown terrorist attacks have been on the rise, at Precise Lock and Safe, we have even had to install access control in church’s. This system is very effective in keeping people out but also in apprehending those who have committed crimes. While access is a little more expensive than other types of locks, this one in particular has proven far more effective than traditional locks, which warrants the more expensive price tag. It is well worth the expense.

If you’re a business owner, you will definitely be able to benefit from this type of system. They enable you to have control over who comes inside your business. You don’t want someone walking in off the street to harass you or your employees. With access control, the person will have to be identified prior to gaining entry or have the right access code or fob. Most access control systems have cameras. They are inconspicuously hidden and can capture a photo of everyone who approaches your company. This same photo images can be handed over to the proper authority if something were to occur that called for an investigation. With this footage, it is possible for the authorities to find the person in question.

You should also do everything in your power to protect your customers. If just anyone could gain access into certain areas of your business, they could easily get their hands on the sensitive personal information of your customers. With just one clients social security number, someone could cause your business a great deal of trouble. Take the necessary precautions to make sure that nothing like this ever happens to you by considering a better way to protect your business. Access control is a good start.

Residential Access Control

What were once only accessible to large corporations and businesses are now available homeowners. Access control systems come in various price points and are now sold to just as many homeowners as businesses. When there is more than one person in your home, there is always the possibility of someone losing their house key. This can pose a serious threat to the safety and security of everyone in your home. Access control is great because you can have a keypad installed and give everyone in your household a code to use in order to get inside. If you don’t want to have a code for fear of someone figuring it out, there is also the characteristics feature that can be used. Everyone in your home can have their fingerprint scanned and recognized by the system to gain entry. You don’t have to risk the possibility of someone coming into your home who hasn’t been invited when you have this type of system installed. You can restrict access inside your home thus adding to your homes level of security.

As if that were not already enough, you can change your code as often as you would like or need to. Suppose you have contractors in and out of your home. You can limit who is able to enter by limiting how long the code is active. Once the contractors have completed their work, you deactivate the code so that they will no longer have access. Even if you trust your contractor, you may not know the other contractors who work with them. This is why it is in your best interest to veer on the side of caution by changing the code once the work has been completed. You do not have to jeopardize the safety and security of your household when you have the right type of systems in place like access control. Don’t forget to change the code whenever a contractor completes their work.

Remaining Safe

Undoubtedly, access control is a great way to keep unwanted individuals out of your personal space. The amount of security that you have for your home is important. We understand that many don’t want to have to think about these types of things. Unfortunately, if you’re going to be successful in protecting your family, you will have to. By having an access control system installed, you’re in control. You know who is coming and leaving your business and home. This should give you peace-of-mind, as it is as though you have superior quality of security. Access control is definitely worth checking out, especially if you are serious about protecting your home, business and others. There are several types of systems to choose from, which a locksmith is capable assisting you with choosing. Some are designed specifically for commercial businesses and some for residential use. We’ll help you find the ones that are best suited to for your needs. They will consider your budget when presenting you with your options.

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